Saturday, November 18th
5 - 6:30PM

13944 SW 8th St #204
Miami, FL 33184

"On2 Magic"

Join us for an exhilarating New York Style Mambo On2 Latin dance workshop led by the dynamic Matt Clemente! Dive into the rhythm and passion of Mambo, as Matt guides you through the elegant and energetic world of On2 dancing. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or just starting, this workshop is designed to enhance your skills, rhythm, and flair.

In "On2 Magic," you'll not only learn the fundamental steps of Mambo On2 but also explore the intricate patterns, turns, and styling that make this dance form so captivating. Matt Clemente, with his years of experience and infectious enthusiasm, will ensure that each step is a joy to learn and a thrill to perform.

Embrace the spirit of Latin dance in a friendly, energetic environment. Our workshop is the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow dance enthusiasts, ignite your passion for Mambo, and add some flair to your dance repertoire. Get ready to step into the magic of Mambo On2 with "On2 Magic" – where rhythm meets passion, and every step tells a story. Join us and let the music move you! Register now! 🌟


What you'll get:

  • 90 minutes of dance training with Matt Clemente

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$25.00 USD


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